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What Should Customers Pay Attention To When Choosing The Model Of The Automatic Checkweigher
Aug 22, 2018

What should customers pay attention to when choosing the model of the automatic checkweigher?

It is important to choose the right automatic checkweigher model depending on the customer's needs and the environment in which it is used. So what do you need to pay attention to when choosing an automatic checkweigher model? Users who are concerned about the automatic checkweigher can read the following to understand!

Customers should pay attention to the selection of automatic checkweigher models:

1, the size and product characteristics of the weighed product can be used to confirm the way the weighing device is used.

2. The weight range of the product to be weighed, which can confirm the heavy load bearing capacity of the sorting equipment.

3, the number of products to be weighed per minute, which can calculate the output and quantity of the equipment.

4, the allowable drunk error range, which can confirm the requirements for product accuracy.

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