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The Application Of Checkweigher For A Food Enterprise In Jinzhou, Liaoning

Jun 27,2022

The conditioning package is also called quick-frozen conditioning package, frozen conditioning package, room temperature conditioning package, Chinese and Western food conditioning package, Chinese food conditioning package, simple meal conditioning package, microwave heating Chinese and Western food, boiled heating Chinese and Western food, meal package, business light meal, currently There is no unified, publicly recognized generic name, and the conditioning package is just a name that is recognized by Taiwanese peers and consumers in the fast food industry.

Shanghai Shigan is a customized online checkweigher system for the fast food fast food conditioning package industry. It has been delivered to the customer's production site and installed on the assembly line for normal use. It can automatically remove the unqualified products that are overweight and underweight in the conditioning package, which is more than twice the manual weighing, which is better than the customer expects.

Tailor-made online weighing equipment can detect the weight of products with high precision and high speed, effectively control the production of defective products and double the production line. At the same time, to establish a good brand image for the company, gain a certain influence in the market.

We focus on checkweighing scales, and strive to solve various quality problems in the packaging line of production lines, and provide mature product weighing solutions for various industries. We welcome all manufacturing industries to inquire and negotiate.

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