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Guangzhou A Cosmetics Company Checkweigher Case
Nov 16, 2018

Daily cosmetics online weight checkweigher, also known as weighing machine, is used for the weight detection of streamlined boxed, bottled and bagged products. It detects whether the product has empty bottles, a small amount, overflow, and strictly controls the production quality. Quickly detect products.

In response to customer requirements, our company is a customized online weighing solution for the lack of detection of net content and packaging quantity in the cosmetics industry. SG online check weighing equipment can be embedded in the user line, and each item can be adjusted through the standard weight range. Weighing products such as bags/boxes/boxes can quickly detect weight-heavy, light-weight (underweight, missing), qualified products, and automatically reject unqualified products to ensure that the net content of the products is qualified or per box. The number of products meets the packing requirements and is free from user complaints.

For different cosmetic customer sites, Shanghai Shigan provides professional customized solutions and equipment for weighing machines according to the actual testing needs of the enterprise users and the characteristics of the production environment.

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