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Performance Characteristics Of Food Metal Detectors

Jun 29,2022

Shanghai Shigan's food metal detector can detect metal impurities in various foods. The machine uses a simple operation interface, a conversational touch screen display, and easy setting of parameters through a simple key interface.

Food Metal Detectors

Food Metal Detector Machine

Food Beverage Industry Metal Detector

Food Metal Detection Machine


1. Reverse detection: The food metal detector adopts high-precision imported radiation switch and cooperates with the curve fitting algorithm to accurately complete the reverse detection.

2, deep customization capabilities: can be equipped with a scanning gun to meet the various requirements of deep customization and functional development.

3, easy to operate and intelligent: wide LCD and wizard-style interface, users can easily set up and operate.

4, reliable data: use FRAM storage technology to ensure system parameters and data.

5, advanced manufacturing process: stainless steel probes and racks, a variety of protection levels for customers to choose, adapt to a variety of production environments.

6. Conveyor belt anti-running design: It adopts a special conveyor belt anti-running design scheme to effectively avoid the deviation of the conveyor belt.

7. Rich peripheral interface: RS-485 data communication, PLC programming node and printer output can be configured to provide real-time data for production management system for remote control, analysis and monitoring, and provide valuable traceability information.

8. Elimination device: equipped with a baffle type, air blowing type, flap type, push rod type and other culling devices.


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Metal Detector Packaging