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A Good Helper For Automated Packaging Production Lines - Online Checkweighers

Jun 29,2022

A good helper for automated packaging production line - online checkweigher, why do you say this, let the dry checkweighing scales for everyone to answer questions, online checkweigher is an automated packaging auxiliary equipment, weigh the weight of the product And sorting out unqualified products.

  Online Checkweighers

Online Checkweighers for production line

automatic assembly line checkweigher


The online checkweigher is used for automatic weight detection, upper and lower limit discrimination or weight grading selection on various automatic assembly lines and logistics delivery systems. It can be used for missing parts detection, lack of package detection, lack of box detection, bottle missing detection, lack of tank detection, and lack of Bag inspection, etc.; can also be used for underweight inspection of packaging products, overweight detection; missing detection of accessories in the package, such as instructions, accessories, gifts, desiccants and other accessories.

The use of online checkweigher can improve product qualification rate, reduce user complaints, save manpower and material resources, and online checkweigher can replace manual weighing to improve production efficiency and consistency and reliability of weighing.

Through the above content, we can clearly see that the online checkweighing scale is a good helper for the automated packaging production line. Shanghai Shigan Industrial Co., Ltd. specializes in producing and selling various online checkweighing scales for many years. The online checkweighing scale technology has been well received by users. Our online checkweigher has achieved high speed and weighing. Users are welcome to come to Shanghai to do the online checkweigher.