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Shanghai Shigan's Double-chamber Vacuum Packaging Machine Is Really Practical
Nov 30, 2018

Shanghai Shigan's double-chamber vacuum packaging machine is a device developed by the manufacturer on the basis of foreign advanced technology. The machine has two vacuum chambers that can be used interchangeably. When one vacuum chamber is vacuumed, another vacuum chamber can be placed. The product is finished, the vacuum process is completed, so the waiting time is omitted, and the work efficiency is greatly improved.


Features of the double chamber vacuum packaging machine:

1. The surface of the stainless steel casing is treated with multiple special processes, uniform and luxurious, and has the advantages of dirt resistance and scratch resistance.

2. The sealing temperature is set to three high, medium and low.

3. The sealing time can be adjusted within the range of 0-10s.

4. There is an emergency stop button on the control panel. If the packaging process is abnormal, press the emergency stop button to interrupt the packaging process.

5. Using a high-quality high-power vacuum pump, the vacuuming effect is good.

6. The use of well-known brand electrical components, stable performance and long service life.

7. The inflator can be configured, and the vacuum machine can be customized according to customer requirements.


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