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Intelligent Weighing And Filling Machine

Jul 01,2022

The intelligent weighing and filling machine adopts microcomputer to control fast, medium and slow three-speed vibration feeding, high precision and fast speed, simple and convenient operation, and solves the cumbersome traditional handicraft industry, poor hygiene, slow speed and low weighing speed, which reflects the humanized design. The concept, light and flexible, energy-saving, easy to use and practical, intelligent weighing and fillinging machine allows customers to truly feel the charm of technological innovation!


1. Computer intelligent clearing, reducing time consumptioxn

2. Overweight alarm, reduce waste

3. Intelligent weighing and packaging machine uses high quality imported chips for longer life, high speed, user-friendly design, easy to operate

4. Intelligent speed regulation does not need to adjust automatic shifting, higher power

5. Stainless steel feeding, sanitary passage, environmental protection, no damage to materials


If you want to know more about the products, please tell us about the packaging materials, the packaging equipment (bag size, material), etc., the expected output, etc., in order to provide you with the right model products. If there are any other technical requirements, we will try our best to solve them.