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Why Use Checkweighers?

Jul 01,2022

Why do we choose to use checkweighers during the production process? What are the benefits and efficiency of using checkweighers? Let me list them for you. After you have read the opinions I have listed, I believe that all of you will have more understanding of the checkweigher!

Multi functional Online Check Weigher

1: Help you effectively control costs:

 Customers often use checkweighers for the purpose of complying with the relevant regulations. In fact, the use of checkweighers can effectively reduce waste, improve detection accuracy, and help you improve production line efficiency. The investment cost of the checkweigher may be profitable in just a few months, weeks or even days!

2: Reject high fines to ensure 100% weight detection:

 By using checkweighers, you can ensure that all products meet regulatory and industry standards. As an important part of quality control and process management, 100% weight inspection also provides documentation and process requirements that meet the stringent market requirements.

3: Use checkweigher feedback control to ensure effective filling volume:

 Use the feedback control system to prevent overweight and underweight products by setting control points at the filling equipment and adjust the filling volume accordingly. The checkweigher allows direct control of the filling equipment or automated feedback control via the plant's existing network system.

4: Checkweigher saves costs and increases product profit:

 A checkweigher with a good precision can minimize product weight deviation, reduce waste, and ensure that more products are produced with the same amount of raw materials used!

Automatic Checkweigher for Conveyor Line

5: Comprehensive advancement process improvement and efficiency:

 Checkweighers provide real-time monitoring of product processes, including production data statistics and SPC trends, which can be used to increase production and production efficiency.

6: Improve product quality to meet the strict production process of customers:

 The use of checkweighers as a tool to reduce product weight tolerances and repeatability of inspection processes has become an important factor in ensuring product quality and meeting customer requirements.

7: Use checkweighers to save labor:

 In a routine application, a static balance is used to spot the product. In comparison, dynamic online weighing can reduce potential sampling errors and long-term labor costs.

8: Reduce false rejection rate, avoid rework and discard:

 A good production process requires accurate and well-maintained checkweighers, while also requiring as few rejected products as possible! Strict weight deviations require continuous improvement of the production quality process, thereby reducing product waste and rework. The false rejection rate is controlled and reduced, the checkweigher accuracy is more accurate, and the weight partition setting is more reasonable.

High-precision Checkweighing System

9: Ensure that customer benefits are not affected:

 We will not endanger the customer's contract due to transportation methods and product applications. Checkweighers and their applications guarantee satisfactory product and delivery time!

10: Checkweigher improves production line efficiency:

 The efficiency of the entire line of equipment has been improved after improving the effectiveness, performance and quality. 100% product weight monitoring provides valuable data support for the production process, reducing unnecessary downtime. Strict product weight deviation requirements can be used to reduce overweight and underweight by using checkweighing to achieve higher production efficiency.

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