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Online Checkweigher - Boxed Juice Drink Missing Parts Solution

Jul 01,2022

Many manufacturers of fruit juice beverages have responded. If they want to test whether there are more missing parts in the packaged whole box products, what method is better, it can not affect the production efficiency and save labor. The main thing is to detect accurately. Shanghai The online checkweigher produced and sold by Shigan Company is specially designed to solve this problem. Using the online checkweigher, it can accurately detect whether there are many missing parts in the whole box without stopping the machine, and automatically sorting. Eliminating many missing products can effectively avoid leaving many products out of the factory;

The online checkweigher checks whether the weight of the whole box is qualified.

Online Checkweigher for Boxed Juice Online Checkweigher for Missing Parts Solution Online Checkweigher for Boxed Juice Solution


Online checkweigher - boxed juice drink missing parts solution


The main functions of the online checkweigher:

1) FCL detection: missing parts detection, lack of package detection, lack of box detection, lack of bottle detection, lack of can detection, lack of bag detection, etc.;

2) Underweight inspection of packaging products, overweight detection; missing detection of accessories in packaging, such as instructions, accessories, gifts, desiccants and other accessories.