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Food Metal Detectors Are More Secure

Jul 01,2022

Shanghai Shigan Business Effective Company is committed to the research, development, production and sales of metal detector equipment, security equipment and other diversified fields. It has become a full-scale manufacturer in the safety industry and can provide customized system solutions for customers in different industries. 

The food and pharmaceutical industries are subject to very strict laws and regulations, with the aim of preventing safety issues in the supply chain and ensuring that products are suitable for consumption. According to the law, manufacturers should be responsible for any problems that arise during the production process.

If there is a safety problem, sometimes the consequences of the product being recalled will occur, and this kind of consequence will definitely damage the brand image. In the event of a product recall, the manufacturer is required to demonstrate that the product has been properly tested, including due diligence, and the manufacturer is required to provide certification to ensure that the product complies with legal and regulatory requirements.

Global product safety issues have a significant impact on the food and pharmaceutical industries. For example, the Food Safety Act of 1990 stipulates that all food manufacturers that need to export to Europe must provide certification content that can prove product quality and product safety. In addition, China's various regulations are increasingly perfect and strict. The Food Safety Law was officially implemented on June 1, 2009 to strengthen food safety supervision in China to meet consumer demand and meet international food safety requirements.

Food metal detectors are a means of inspection that helps manufacturers comply with strict regulations. Food metal detectors can detect metal foreign objects in the food and pharmaceutical industry, and detect potential hazards and hazards in a timely manner, including iron, non-ferrous and non-magnetic stainless steel. The latest metal detectors are designed according to the manufacturer's comprehensive factors such as quality, safety, cost, efficiency and regulatory requirements.

Customer recognition is critical to a successful brand. Brands need to always ensure customer satisfaction, and lose all credibility when the brand does not reach customer satisfaction. In the event of a product recall, it poses a threat to the brand's reputation and may result in the customer's transfer to a competitor's product.

Quality control plays a vital role in building a good brand reputation and avoiding product recalls. As a result, successful food and pharmaceutical brands focus on using quality for quality control to maintain their credibility in the minds of their customers. Only in this way can the brand establish a reputation for quality and reliable products in the eyes of customers.

Metal is the most common physical contaminant in food and pharmaceutical products. Therefore, it is wise to use a food metal detector in the quality assurance process. These detectors can achieve a win-win situation between the brand and the consumer: the improvement of product safety will bring tangible benefits to consumers, thereby increasing consumer loyalty, and the increase in sales caused by the increase in consumer loyalty will benefit the brand.