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Application Of Metal Detectors In The Food Industry

Jul 01,2022

With the increasing concern about food safety, food is inevitably contaminated by metal foreign matter during the production and processing. In order to improve the safety of food, various food safety tests are used, and food metal detectors are used. In this numerous testing equipment, it has become a non-negligible testing equipment, and it has gradually become the new favorite of the food processing industry!

Invented as needed, the food Metal Detector has now become a major component of many food processing lines in the world.


1. The operating system adopts humanized and intelligent design, and has a one-button self-learning function. It only needs to pass the detected product once through the detection channel according to the set program, and can automatically and accurately set and memorize product parameters without manual adjustment. Very simple to use;

2. The probe part is made of the unique material and production process of the cable. It has high sensitivity, strong anti-interference ability and stable performance. The service period is more than 10 years.

3. With 100 kinds of product parameter memory function, it can store the detection parameters of 100 kinds of products. Once the storage is set once, it can be called next time, no need to adjust again;

4. With automatic fault detection and prompting function, it can effectively eliminate invalid detection;

5. The whole machine adopts modular design and assembly, which is easy to assemble, debug and disassemble, easy to maintain and low in maintenance cost;

6. Can be tailored according to the size, weight and product characteristics of the tested product to achieve the best detection results;

7. Various automatic conveying, rejecting and control systems can be customized according to the characteristics of the production line to achieve seamless connection with the production line and improve production efficiency;

8. According to the environmental and safety needs of the production site, waterproof, dustproof, anti-vibration and explosion-proof customization can be carried out to ensure the safety of the equipment.