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Guarantee Checkweigher Accuracy By Improving Production Technology

Jul 01,2022

The working condition of the dynamic checkweigher is to weigh at high speed, which puts higher stability requirements on the weighing equipment involved in the weighing, so the weighing mechanism of the weighing part minimizes the operation. The noise and vibration of the time require the static balance and dynamic balance of the conveyor's active and driven rollers before assembly. The experiment needs to be repeated, and the weight of the drum is modified until the deviation is reduced to within the design requirements. This is also a key factor in ensuring weighing accuracy.

dynamic checkweigher

Load cells are a core component of dynamic checkweighers, and strain gauge sensors are the most common in industrial applications. This is a sensor that uses a strain gauge to convert strain into a change in resistance. It is widely used in various fields of weighing. However, with the development of science and technology, new sensors with higher technology content such as electromagnetic compensation sensors have appeared in the sensors used in dynamic checkweighers.

High-precision Checkweigher

The working principle of the electromagnetic compensation sensor: When the weight is placed on the weighing pan, the balance state of the system will be broken. At this time, the displacement sensor will send a position change signal to the current regulator, and the current regulator adjusts the output current in time to increase the current flowing through the wire until the electromagnetic force generated by the weight cancels the weight of the weight. Electromagnetic compensation sensors are characterized by faster response times and higher accuracy.