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Online Checkweigher Workflow

Jul 01,2022

Regardless of any industry, checkweighers are used in any product, especially today's many automated assembly lines. Checkweighers are one of the necessary facilities for advanced online dynamic weighing systems, with high automatic weighing and automatic sorting efficiency, usually The product can be sorted with 100-120 qualified products per minute. The online checkweigher is an automatic weighing and automatic sorting function. It has various products responsible for information. What is the workflow of the online checkweigher?

1. The product is transported to the “online checkweigher” via the previous assembly line, and the product enters the “acceleration section” of the quantitative checkweigher: the distance between the products will be pulled away, ensuring that when entering the “weighing section” A single product rather than multiple products. When the product is sorted irregularly, it can also be sorted by "acceleration segment".

 2. The product enters the “weighing section” of the quantitative checkweigher: the weighing system quickly detects the weight of the product; and immediately determines whether the weight of the product is within the target weight range. If the weight of the product is qualified, the quantitative checkweigher will be delivered without error; if the weight of the product is unqualified, the rejection delay signal will be given.

 3. The product enters the “removal segment” of the quantitative checkweigher: when the rejection segment detects the rejection delay signal, it will promptly eliminate the action and accurately reject the unqualified product.

The online checkweigher workflow shares this today. The online checkweigher system is the core part of the equipment center, and realizes the distribution and combination of objects based on a certain logical relationship. In the automatic detection process of various product physical parameters, the signal recognition and processing of the weighing machine system is accurately sent into the weight sorting machine.