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Automatic Weight Sorting Machine

This weight grader is used for sorting and grading small size foods, such as meat, sea food, fruit etc. by weight. Product features: This weight grader is a further designed automatic weight grading equipment, developed for automatic classification of uneven weight products, sorting products...


This weight grader is used for sorting and grading small size foods, such as meat, sea food, fruit etc. by weight.

Such as: seafood: (river prawns, sea shrimp, shellfish, hairy crabs, etc.); meat: (chicken legs, steaks, fish and other frozen related foods) fruits and vegetables: (cherries, strawberries, tomatoes, potatoes, etc.)



Product features:
This weight grader is a further designed automatic weight grading equipment, developed for automatic classification of uneven weight products, sorting products into different areas as per different weight. It is widely used in meat products processing, sea food processing, fruit and other daily necessities which need sorting by weight.
It can test every product in the automatic production line as per the setted weight level foe automatic classification, and it can statistics and data storage for products automatically.


Basic parameters:




Weighing Range



±0.2g(Depends on products )

Minimum scale


Max speed



Limited of product






Above 3 mm

Operation method

Touch operation

Operation interface

7inch touch screen

From Ground to Belt



From left to right or from right to left

Machine structure


Power Supply

AC110V/220V 50-60HZ    


 About 100W

Gross Weight



Main Spare part list :



Load cell

German HBM

Conveyor Belt

Habster, Switzerland

Machine material




a.SUS304 stainless steel body, in line with various safety regulations for food and medicine production

b.. Imported high-precision sensors and motors ensure the high-precision and high-speed and fast belt replacement system of the automatic checkweigher. The cleaning of the conveyor belt is easy

c. There are thousands of commonly used product presets; simple product editing and storage functions.

d. Fast product switching and automatic adjustment of the sorting speed of corresponding products.

e. Color touch screen integrated control, multi-language one-key switching, simple and convenient operation.

f. The input and output of external equipment can realize online function, which can carry out various remote control and monitor production lines (customized on demand)

   1). Barcode scanner signal input

   2). Output from printer, printer, labeling machine

   3). Feedback weight signals to packaging machines, automatic filling machines and other equipment to implement closed-loop control

g. Automatic zero technology

h. U disk data storage, unlimited storage of production data, and statistical functions such as histogram, sliding average, and standard deviation, which are convenient for customers to read and make various production adjustments at any time

i. Matching six sorting weight grading system, can divide products into 7 grades by weight

j. A variety of humanized designs, integrating classic designs from various countries, make operation and daily cleaning and maintenance extremely simple. Equipped with a fast belt replacement system, the cleaning of the conveyor belt is simple and easy.


Factory shots

0 (1).jpg
0 (2).jpg

Shanghai Shigan Industrial Co., Ltd. is a powerful Automatic Weight Sorting Machine manufacturer. The factory covers an area of more than 13,000 square meters. Each production process of each machine is completed by experienced workers, and each link will also have quality inspection. Inspect the parts, our company strictly controls the quality of the production process, and will never sell problematic parts to customers!


Customized service

We provide customized services: Shanghai Shigan has a professional R&D and design team that can provide customized solutions and equipment based on the actual testing needs of corporate users and the characteristics of the production environment.



What are the dimensions of the product?


SG-100 series standard machine L: 1040  W: 705  H: 1300mm

SG-150 series standard machine L:1146 W:664mm H:1418mm

SG-220 series standard machine L:1370 W:618mm H:1360mm

SG-300 series standard machine L:1479 W:654mm H:1420mm

SG-450 series standard machine L:2100 W:887mm H:1236mm

SG-550 series standard machine L:1100 W:959mm H:1418mm

Our company supports product size customization


How long does it take for your company's products to be delivered?

Answer: For customers who can use standard machines, our company has them in stock. After receiving the payment, they can be shipped within three working days. For non-standard equipment, due to the need to redesign and change, the delivery time is about 2-3 weeks. The company currently introduces a processing technology team to shorten the delivery time as much as possible.


2. How about your after-sales service? Do we have a local after-sales service point?

Answer: We insist that there is no after-sales service, which means qualified after-sales service.

During the warranty period, if there is a quality problem, no matter how far away the customer is, and whether the order is one or ten, we will quickly arrange personnel for maintenance (the company has after-sales personnel), without charging any fees, including travel expenses and spare parts costs.


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