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Why High-precision Online Checkweighers Are Non-standard Custom Equipment?
Dec 14, 2018

We all know that there are many product categories on the market, and the production lines for producing these products are also different, so the equipment used in the production line is also different. The high-precision online checkweigher is designed for high-quality products. Its weight detection accuracy is ±0.1g. It is often used in some medicines, health foods, biochemicals and other fields to ensure high-quality output.


Why is the high-precision online checkweigher a non-standard customized device? Because it is a high-precision, high-speed online checkweighing equipment, the German HBM high-precision sensor is used to achieve high-precision dynamic detection of product weight. For automated weighing equipment, it is customized according to the product to be tested, and the high-quality online checkweigher is used for products with high quality requirements, because its configuration is different, and the customization price is different.

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