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Checkweigher For Beverage Production Line

Jun 24,2022

Winter is about to pass, and beverage production has entered the peak season. At present, most of the beverage packaging lines are still manually sorted and packed, such as 12, 16 and 24 packs. When it is manually packed, it is prone to leakage. After entering the market, it is easy to be complained by dealers and consumers, which seriously affects the brand's reputation.

Checkweigher for beverage production line

Wang Laoji's production workshop saw this point. All the packaging lines were equipped with our online checkweigher to completely eliminate the whole bottle leaking phenomenon. Take the 24 boxes of green box Wang Laoji as an example. The average weight of the whole box is 6.67 kg, the net content of a small box is 250 g, and the weight of the package is 270 g. After installing the checkweigher, just The target value is set to 6.67 kg, the lower limit is set to 6.54 kg, and the upper limit is set to 6.80 kg. Products in this range will pass automatically. Product checkweighers that do not meet this range will be removed from the production line by cylinder culling device. except. At the same time, for a variety of product specifications, the checkweigher can easily call the formula, such as inputting the product name 12 special supplies, the next time you change the specifications, you can quickly call.

Checkweigher picture:

Checkweigher For Beverage Production Line

Checkweigher For Beverage Production Line