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What Is The Front Belt Of The Checkweigher

Jun 29,2022

Shanghai Shigan Shigan Co., Ltd. specializes in the production and sales of automatic checkweighing scales. The automatic checkweigher detects the weight of the products on the production line with high-speed dynamic weight reading. It can detect the unqualified products in the continuous production line and This control of on-line discrimination or automatic weight sorting is especially suitable for missing parts inspection in packaged products.

The conventional automatic checkweigher has three belts, the front section, the weighing section, and the culling section. The middle weighing section is used for weighing and is also one of the core sections. The culling section of the latter section is used to reject the unqualified section. What is the product of the front check belt of the automatic checkweigher?

Checkweigher picture:

Since the weighing section requires weighing time, and the spacing of the products is critical, the front belt of the automatic checkweigher functions to increase the speed of the input section belt to produce the clearance required for proper weighing of the product.