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Multiple Functions Of The Mask Pillow Packaging Machine

Jun 29,2022

Shanghai Shigan's mask pillow packaging machine uses split design technology, automatic packaging machine and heat shrinking furnace, which can be used online or separately. Moreover, it has original single servo or double servo motor control, which is more intelligent than other similar inverter motors or inverters controlled by domestic and foreign products. It has higher packaging precision, wider adjustable range, more control and lower scrap rate. Better stability.

Mask Pillow Packing Machine Features:

1. Adopt touch screen control, the main control circuit adopts smart chip, metering, automatic detection of electrical faults, simple operation and convenient adjustment.

2, the use of high-quality double-conversion simple mechanical structure, easy maintenance, less wear and long life.

3, high-precision photoelectric detection and tracking, two-way automatic compensation, reliable.

4, the bag length does not need to be manually set, the device is automatically detected and automatically set during operation.

5. Packing speed and bag length are controlled by double frequency converter, stepless speed change, wide adjustment range, and can be perfectly matched with the previous process of the production line.

6. Adjustable end seal structure to make the seal more perfect and eliminate the phenomenon of cutting.

7. The stainless steel is conveyed on the countertop, and the main part is sprayed with paint. Stainless steel can also be made according to customer needs.