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What Are The Tips For Choosing A Checkweigher?

Jun 29,2022

The checkweigher is a high-precision weight detection device that automatically rejects unqualified products through a load cell. This device has become an indispensable part of the production packaging line, solving the quality problems of the production company and increasing the The company's production efficiency.

At present, the number of checkweigher manufacturers and distribution agencies is increasing, and many companies are unable to start at the time of purchase. How to purchase a checkweigher suitable for your company? What should I pay attention to during the purchase process?

1, the product aspects of their own company's production

According to the materials that need to be processed, we can choose the appropriate checkweigher. There are many functions of the checkweigher, and the parameters of the checkweigher need to be checked according to the actual demand parameters. Because the checkweigher has a certain range of requirements for the weight of the processed materials, it is advisable to consult the checkweigher manufacturer before buying, and then to purchase the checkweigher according to their actual needs.

2、Checkweigher configuration

The configuration of the checkweigher is rich and varied. Simply measuring the weight, detecting the weight of the defective product, and classifying the detected weight can be tailored. Not all configurations are good. The most important thing is to be suitable for yourself.

3, checkweigher manufacturers strength

Why do you need to look at the strength of the manufacturers? The powerful manufacturers are guaranteed in all aspects, especially the relatively well-known manufacturers, from the product development, material selection, training services and after-sales service, each link is relatively complete, these are all must understand.

4、Checkweigher after-sales service

When purchasing a checkweigher, it is best to analyze and compare several relatively good checkweigher manufacturers and select the best checkweigher manufacturers in all aspects. After confirming the checkweigher manufacturer, it is also necessary to determine the delivery date and avoid the loss caused by the production cycle affecting the schedule of its own production plan.