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Shiagan Checkweigher Successfully Settled In The New Life Group

Jun 27,2022

Shiagan checkweigher has successfully settled in the new life group. Recently, Xinsheng Group has purchased a batch of automatic checkweigher in our company. Now it has been installed and commissioned, and the customer expressed satisfaction.


The purchasing staff of Xin Life Group saw the introduction of our automatic checkweigher on the top. It feels good, and they came to consult. After some communication with our salesman, we learned more about our automatic checkweigher and decided. Come to our company to visit and inspect, so we agreed with our salesman to take the time to test the materials with the materials to be tested.

After this inspection and testing of the products, it was confirmed that the automatic checkweighing scales could meet their needs. After further negotiation of the price, the contract was signed, the prepayment was made, and after the contract was signed, the dry factory started production and installation. After half a month, the batch of automatic checkweighers reached the hands of the customers.

After the new life group received the automatic check weighing scale, our company sent professional technology to install and debug, and taught their operators how to calibrate, how to use and so on.