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Combo Checkweigher Metal Detector Exported To Australia

Jun 27,2022

Shanghai Singan production and sales of combo checkweigher metal detector exported to Australia, Shanghai Shigan professional production and sales of check weighing equipment, this combo checkweigher metal detector integrated metal detector and checkweigher function in a simple cantilever frame It is convenient and efficient to install in an existing workshop, thus minimizing installation costs.



Some time ago, an Australian customer ordered a combo checkweigher metal detector in our company. After a period of installation and debugging, now this combo checkweigher metal detector has embarked on a journey to Australia.



This combo checkweigher metal detector is marked in English. Every detail is perfect. As the saying goes, the details determine the success or failure. Pay attention to the details, it is the persistence of the work, and it will not do the things for the customers. No matter the distance, no matter the new customer or the old customer. The industry positioning of the industry is to do high-level products, and win-win cooperation with every customer.