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Shanghai Shigan Soft Pack Edible Oil Packaging Machine, Chili Oil Packaging, Soy Sauce Packaging, Etc.

Jun 29,2022

    Soft pack edible oil occupies an important position in life, such as chili oil, soy sauce, red oil, sesame oil, etc. Soft pack edible oil is very convenient and fast for the public life, and it has incomparable advantages in terms of carrying and use. Shanghai Shigan has developed a soft pack edible oil packaging machine following the trend of the times, which is specially used for the packaging of soft pack edible oil. The soft pack edible oil packaging machine integrates the process of forming, bag making, quantitative filling, ink printing, sealing and cutting, etc., all automatically. This is only the most basic function. The Shanghai dry-dry soft-pack edible oil packaging machine also has the characteristics favored by the manufacturers.


main feature:

1. All stainless steel structure is durable and ensures hygiene

2. Simple operation, no need to ask another professional technician

3. Imported PLC control, user-friendly operation interface, greatly improve the accuracy, reliability, intelligence and adjustment range of control

4. Level sensor monitoring, easy to adjust bag length

5. Photoelectric switch automatically and accurately track film color code

6. Can be consistent with the speed of the pump to ensure accuracy

7. Adopt servo motor motor control and double pull film device, the film is accurate and correct, thus ensuring bag making effect

8. A variety of imported high-quality components to ensure the high quality and high performance of the machine

    It is worth mentioning that Shanghai Shigan Soft Pack edible oil packaging machine can not only package all kinds of edible oil, but also can package fruit salad, tomato sauce, honey, flavoring, vegetable juice, lotus seed, sweet bean paste, etc., non-food. It can also be used to package creams, detergents, lubricants, industrial pastes, etc. Therefore, buy soft pack edible oil packaging machine to choose Shanghai to do, good quality and practical. Swift also has a good after-sales guarantee service, so you can rest assured. In addition, we also sell small bottled edible oil filling machine, 750ml bottled olive oil filling machine, edible oil filling machine, checkweighing scale, linear scale, multi-head scale and other equipment, manufacturers are welcome to contact our customer service online.