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Our Checkweigher Has Made A Major Breakthrough In The Classification Of Seafood
Dec 05, 2018

The appearance of checkweighers has brought great convenience to life. Our checkweighers are also widely used in various food factories and processing plants. If there were few companies with checkweighers in the past, companies with large production lines only sorted the quality and size, and the equipment was relatively backward. Therefore, most of the seafood sold on the market relies on mechanical and manual methods to achieve grading. The main disadvantages of manual grading are: high labor, low productivity and unstable sorting accuracy; seafood sorting is difficult to achieve fast, accurate and non-destructive.

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Today, Shanghai Shigan's checkweigher has made a major breakthrough in the classification of seafood.

Shanghai Shigan develops and produces a large number of seafood checkweighers. It can also sort small yellow croaker, squid, grass carp, black fish, squid, squid, squid, goldfish, lobster, sea prawn, sea cucumber, hairy crab, swimming crab, blue crab, red crab, chicken leg. , chicken wings, chicken, pork and other products.

Our checkweigher can be customized according to your needs, please talk about it. In addition, our company also has professional technicians and perfect after-sales service. Thank you for your understanding and support.

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