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Main Features And Uses Of Vacuum Packaging Machine

Jun 30,2022

1. With the continuous development of technology, it is more simple and convenient to operate and use. After closing the cover, the vacuum pump then works to draw the vacuum inside the packaging container, then inflates it to protect it, and then heats it up. And sealing, after printing the label, waiting for cooling, and then the cover is opened, this series of processes are all automatically completed, and the degree of automation is high.

2. The temperature of the sealing of the vacuum packaging machine and the length of the sealing can be set autonomously, the adjustment range is wide, and it can be applied to the sealing operation under various conditions. Various specifications and different packaging materials can be used. Very strong.

3. At the time of design, it is pre-installed with safe grounding protection measures and emergency stop button, which can protect the safety of machines and personnel to a large extent in the event of unexpected situations, and ensure the smooth progress of the work.

The main use of vacuum packaging machine:

The vacuum packaging machine produced by Shanghai Shigan Industrial Co., Ltd. has a variety of series to choose from, and each different vacuum packaging machine is suitable for vacuum packaging of different packaging materials. Generally speaking, the vacuum packaging machine has superior performance and is quite convenient to maintain. The application of the new technology makes the operation more convenient and convenient, and the professional technical requirements of the operator are no longer limited, and in many industries and fields. There are a wide range of applications. It mainly uses vacuum packaging materials such as packaging film and aluminum foil composite film, including: food, medicine, daily chemical products, electronic products, precision instruments, etc. It is still used in the food industry, after vacuum packaging machine. After packaging, the shelf life of the food is greatly extended, the speed of oxidation and deterioration is effectively reduced, and the damage caused by problems such as insects is also well solved.