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How Does The Double Chamber Vacuum Packaging Machine Work?

Jun 30,2022

Nowadays, the double-chamber vacuum packaging machine generally uses PLC (programmable control) to control the equipment. The interface of human-machine exchange is also more user-friendly. Generally speaking, the touch screen operation is adopted by the color screen. The application of the servo motor can be greatly improved. Improve the preservation effect of the product, it is more conducive to the long-term preservation of some products, and the vacuum packaging of the packaging container can be carried out according to the need, because the inert gas is mainly ignited by nitrogen, so the product can be better. Preservative, moisture-proof, anti-oxidative discoloration.

Here we will talk about the working principle of the double chamber vacuum packaging machine:

When the lid of the vacuum chamber is closed, the vacuum pump starts to work, and the vacuum chamber will be evacuated. At this time, the vacuum will reach a certain degree in the package, and the pointer of the vacuum gauge will continue to rise. The vacuum pump will stop working when the room reaches the vacuum set by the user. At the beginning of the vacuum operation, the two-position three-way solenoid valve IDT starts to work, and the heat-sealed air chamber will also have a vacuum, and the hot-press frame remains in place. The product is heat-sealed when it is vacuum operated: IDT is cut off, the outside atmosphere will enter the heat-sealed air chamber through the air inlet hole in the upper part of the vacuum chamber, and the pressure difference between the vacuum chamber and the heat-sealed air chamber is utilized. The air-tight chamber will be inflated, which will cause the hot-pressing frame to move down, so it can be pressed against the bag mouth; at this time, the heat-sealing transformer will also start to work, indicating that the sealing is completed; at this time, the time relay 2SJ Work, depending on the situation, the heat seal will end in a few seconds. After the sealing of the product is completed, the vacuum chamber will return to the air, the 2/2-way solenoid valve 2DT will be turned on, and the atmosphere will enter the vacuum chamber. At this time, the vacuum gauge will return to zero, and the heat sealing frame will also rely on the return spring. The force is reset and the lid of the vacuum chamber can be opened. The upper vacuum chamber is moved to another vacuum chamber, which starts the next working process. The left and right vacuum chambers can be alternately operated and cycled.

The dual-chamber vacuum packaging machine has a wide range of applications and is suitable for packaging of many products in many industries, especially in the food industry, such as meat, aquatic foods, agricultural products, pickling mistakes, fast foods, etc. There will be very good preservation effect, and some electronic products can also be packaged by vacuum packaging machine because of certain requirements for anti-oxidation, and because of the limitation of the size of the vacuum chamber, the packaged product also has certain specifications. The main feature of the vacuum packaging machine is that it can greatly extend the shelf life of the product.