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How Does The Vertical Packaging Machine Work?

Jul 01,2022

With the development of modern light industry, packaging machines have gradually appeared in our field of vision. Vertical packaging machines are one of them. It is a machine with strong packaging capabilities and can be applied to various particles, powders, tablets, liquid materials. The packaging speed of the vertical packaging machine is not only fast, but also can automatically seal and cut automatically while packaging. It can not only be used for packaging materials without trademarks, but also can be used for high-speed packaging with materials printed with trademark patterns. General machinery will make wrong judgments due to the color on the packaging material, which will cause packaging errors. In order to eliminate the error, the design of the packaging machine must consider the problem of automatic positioning, and the continuous photoelectric positioning system is divided into forward and backward type, brake type and two-transmission system synchronization type according to the error compensation working mode. The vertical packaging machine is mainly used in the overall production and packaging of the assembly line, such as the filling, sealing machine, and coding of (bag, bottle) products in the food, medicine, daily chemical, hardware, lighting, furniture and other industries, instead of traditional manual operation improves production efficiency.

Today, Shanghai Shigan will introduce the structure and working principle of the vertical packaging machine:

Feeding turntable device

The feeding turntable device is composed of a hopper, a tray, and an adjustable volume measuring cup. The measuring cup is composed of a fixed measuring cup and a movable measuring cup. There is a rotatable bottom plate at the bottom of the measuring cup. There are two fixing pins on the panel under the turntable. When the measuring cup of the turntable is turned to the position of the shaper, the pin pushes the bottom plate apart. After the measuring cup is rotated away, another pin pushes the bottom of the measuring cup back to the bottom of the bottom cup. There is a nut at the center of the lower part of the turntable. Rotating the nut can change the relative position of the upper and lower measuring cups, thereby changing the volume.


Packaging execution system

The packaging execution system of this machine is composed of paper feeding mechanism, trunk shaper, paper pulling wheel, heat sealer and cutter.


The packaging paper comes down from the roll through the paper pulling roller, and the packaging former is made into a paper bag. A pair of paper pulling wheels at the lower part of the front of the machine pull the bag tube down a long distance. The heat sealer heats the bag tube longitudinally and transversely. After that, the material is immediately put into the paper bag. When the heat sealer performs heat sealing again, a heat sealing package is completed. The cutter cuts the paper bag from the middle of the sealed part. The heat sealer and the cutter are driven by the same transmission mechanism to move synchronously.


Transmission system

1. The composition of the transmission system

The packaging machine has a high degree of automation and is a kind of automatic machine. It has many executive parts, and various executive parts must be coordinated to complete the packaging work. The transmission system of the packaging machine is more complicated. This experimental packaging machine uses a mechanical transmission system; the transmission system includes the following components.

   (1). Constant ratio transmission mechanism

 A transmission mechanism with a fixed transmission ratio. Using gears, belts, chains, worm gear pairs, couplings and other transmission mechanisms, the power and motion output by the power source can be transmitted to the relevant actuators according to predetermined requirements.

 (2). Variable speed device

The transmission device includes a gear transmission mechanism, a mechanical continuously variable transmission mechanism, a hydraulic continuously variable transmission device, and a multi-speed motor. This packaging machine uses a continuously variable speed device.

 (3). Motion conversion device

Link mechanism, cam mechanism, sheave mechanism, rack and pinion, screw nut and other devices can ensure the movement law required by the actuator.

   (4). Manipulation control device

Includes various control devices, elements and components required to control start, stop, clutch, brake, speed regulation, commutation and automatic control movement according to prescribed procedures. Change the state and parameters of the transmission system in different ways.

 (5). Lubrication and sealing device

 To ensure the normal operation of the transmission system, to prevent oil and water leakage, pollution of the packaging, packaging materials and the environment, and to extend the service life.


2. Requirements for the transmission system

The transmission system of the packaging machine is closely related to the technical and economic indicators of the whole machine. It affects the structure, layout, packaging accuracy, transmission efficiency, manufacturing and manufacturing costs of the packaging machine, and whether it is convenient to operate and adjust. Therefore, it is necessary to design the transmission system Note that the following requirements are met:

 (1). Each executive part must have sufficient speed range, and often require stepless speed change to meet the requirements of continuous changes in productivity and packaging bag size and specifications.

 (2). Each motor and all transmission mechanisms must be able to meet sufficient power and torque, and have high transmission efficiency.

 (3). The position and speed of each actuator should have a relatively accurate relative relationship, and it should be easy to adjust independently.

 (4). Simple structure, good lubrication and sealing, convenient and reliable operation, easy processing and assembly, and low cost.

 (5). It is convenient to realize the automation of the packaging machine and form an automatic packaging production line.

 (6). In order to facilitate the adjustment and test run, a manual fine-tuning device or other adjustment mechanism should be installed in the transmission system


3.The transmission route of the packaging machine

The power is transmitted from the main motor to the work spindle via the speed governor and then via the deceleration mechanism to drive the feeding turntable, the paper pull wheel, the heat sealer and the cutter movement to complete the heat seal packaging. The working speed of the machine can be adjusted in the range of 45 to 95 packs per minute.

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