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Commissioning Of The Customer-Installed Automatic Checkweigher

Jun 28,2022

Shanghai Shigan Co., Ltd. specializes in the production and sales of automatic checkweighing scales. The automatic checkweighing scales are mainly used for automatic weight detection, on-line identification or weight grading selection in various automated packaging lines. They are widely used in pharmaceutical, food, health care products, daily chemicals, Online high-speed packaging check weighing applications in industries such as batteries and light industry.

Customers come to our company to debug pictures:

At the beginning of this month, a pharmaceutical factory saw my actual dry check weighing scale on the Internet, and opened it to consult. After some understanding, I decided to personally come to our company to test whether the automatic checkweigher is suitable for their products. The customer came over and tested 100 sets of data, error. They all stayed at 0.1g, the customer was very satisfied, so they signed a contract and made a prepayment;

After 10 days of installation and commissioning, our batches of automatic checkweighers were packaged and shipped. Our technicians sent technicians to the site to install and debug, and taught the operators of the company to ensure that they learned to use before leaving. The customer is very satisfied with the procurement and the installation and commissioning of our technicians, and will cooperate in the later period;