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Checkweigher Can Be Wirelessly Debugged By Mobile Phone

Jun 28,2022

The dynamic checkweigher system needs to be debugged before use. Users who do not use the checkweigher will naturally not debug. Generally, after the checkweigher is installed, the technicians must personally debug and guide the operator to debug, but if In the later use process, there is a need to re-commission, and the operator will not debug. The manufacturer is a technician and it is not possible to help debug every time, especially for remote users. Generally, the manufacturer only goes to the site for commissioning. What should I do when the situation arises? This should be a problem that every manufacturer who uses the checkweigher is worried about.

In order to solve the worries of users, the checkweighing system realizes the wireless debugging function of the mobile phone. We can use the mobile phone to debug it remotely for you. The problems that the users of different places worry about no longer exist. It turns out that it can't be done, but it can't be imagined. 

Wirelessly Debugged Video: