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Automatic Pillow Packing Machine Works

Jun 29,2022

The automatic pillow packing machine uses the variable frequency stepless speed regulating motor to drive the gear chain type continuously variable transmission through the V-belt. The speed of the shifting chain is adjusted in the gearbox, and different running speeds are obtained, which are then transmitted to the planet by the synchronous belt. The differential mechanism enables the adjustment of the paper film transport length, the output shaft of the gearbox to rotate the paper film through the chain drive, and the paper film output length can be manually operated on the toothed chain governor. It is monitored by the photoelectric tracking color code during the packaging process. At the same time, the gearbox is also driven by multiple sets of chains to realize the packaged items. The movement of the conveyor belt, the paper feed roller, the pressure roller, the transverse sealing knife and the finished conveyor belt.

The wrapping paper film roll of the automatic pillow packaging machine is mounted on the shaft roller, and the packaged object is placed in the feeder (for the irregularly shaped object, manual feeding is required), and the conveyor belt automatically conveys the packaged article to the packaging position, and the packaging After being heated in the paper film and then pressed into a synthetic type, it is sent to the transverse sealing cutter to heat seal and seal, cut, and then output the finished product by the conveyor belt.