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Automatic Checkweigher Important Accessories Description

Jul 01,2022

The automatic checkweigher sold by Shanghai Shigan Industrial Co., Ltd. is a check weighing equipment for medium and low speed and high precision packaging production lines. It can be integrated with various packaging production lines and conveying systems, mainly for on-line inspection of product weight. Whether there is a missing component or product weight archive in the package. The principle is that the packaged product passes through the weighing platform at a certain speed, and the weight value of the product is measured during the conveying process, and the unqualified product is rejected by the executing agency.

Automatic Checkweigher

The hardware system is the physical basis of the whole measurement and control system. For the requirements of the function of the measurement and control system, the hardware system is constructed and optimized.

The hardware of the system mainly includes the following parts: computer, signal detection part, signal conditioning circuit, data acquisition card part, control part and actuator.

 (1) Computer: The center of data acquisition, data management and control decision making for the entire measurement and control system.

 (2) Signal detection part: mainly refers to two high-accuracy pressure sensors, which are responsible for real-time conversion of the dynamic weighing quality signal, and transmit the converted electric signal to the data acquisition board part.

 (3) Signal conditioning circuit: Amplify, excite, linearize, isolate and filter the signal.

Pouch Checkweigher

 (4) Data acquisition card part: including data acquisition card and its supporting equipment, A/D conversion of the collected data, transmission to the computer for further analysis and processing; and then the control result output by the computer is converted by D/A, Output to the control section.

 (5) Weighing display controller: The computer processes according to the control setting parameters, obtains the control result through a certain control algorithm, and transmits the control result to the actuator. The weighing display control meter displays the difference between the gross weight, the net weight, the last weighing value, the last weighing value and the set nominal value. It can also display the total number of pieces weighed, the number of underweights, the number of overweights, and the number of qualified parts. The display controller can also carry a variety of statistical information, and can use the communication interface to network useful information to the management computer or print out the report through the printer.

 (6) Execution of the culling device: According to the packaging form and characteristics of the inspected item, the culling device can be divided into various methods such as pushing, tipping, and carrying. The actuator performs corresponding actions according to the control result, and timely eliminates the quality that is not up to standard packaging products.

Automatic Box Checkweigher

The automatic checkweigher is mainly used in various automated packaging lines; the upper and lower line discrimination or weight grading selection is widely used in online high-speed packaging check weighing applications in pharmaceutical, food, health care products, daily chemicals, batteries, light industry and other industries.