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Application And Use Of Automatic Checkweigher Scale

Jul 01,2022

With the rapid economic development and the increasing requirements of consumers for product quality, many manufacturers pay more and more attention to the control of product quality, and automatic checkweigher is no longer unfamiliar to the market. With a little attention, we will find that the use of automatic checkweighers has spread throughout the food, beverage, pharmaceutical, health care, cosmetics, nutrition, hardware accessories, daily necessities and chemical industries. It can be said that online checkweighing has gradually become an indispensable link in the current industrial production process.


Checkweigher for food industry

Checkweigher for food industry

Checkweigher for pharmaceutical industry

Checkweigher for pharmaceutical industry

Checkweigher for daily ecessities

Checkweigher for daily ecessities


Checkweigher for Chemical industry

Checkweigher for Chemical industry

Checkweigher for hardware industry 

Checkweigher for hardware industry 

Checkweigher for other industries

Checkweigher for other industries


What is the use of checkweigher?

1. Final inspection of product weight

In the final part of the production process, the weight of the product is re-examined, and the unqualified product is removed to ensure that the weight of the manufactured product meets the requirements. This helps to ensure the interests of both the consumer and the manufacturing company. Consumers will not suffer losses due to lack of money, and manufacturers will not be damaged by reputations caused by customer complaints or even complaints.


2. feedback control

The online check weigher not only provides the weight signal of the product, but also rejects the unqualified product. It can also output the feedback signal to the packaging filling device according to the difference between the average weight and the nominal weight, and automatically adjust the average weight to match the set weight. , thereby reducing production costs.


3. product missing check

For products that contain small packages in large packages, such as beverage boxes, where large bags contain multiple small bag products, the product may be missing due to equipment or personnel factors. Using a weight sorting checkweigher to check the weight of a large package ensures that there is no missing product in the large package. For example, 24 bottles of beverage per box, the normal weight of each box is a certain, check the weight of each box can be found with or without leakage.


4. sorted by category

Automatic classification of products with uneven weight. For example, the manufacturer of the split chicken should divide the chicken legs of different sizes into a plurality of weight ranges, and the weight of each chicken wing can be automatically weighed by the check weight, and the weight signal is sent to the PLC, and the PLC drives the corresponding push according to the set range. The board sends the chicken wings to the corresponding box to complete the automatic classification.


What can checkweigher scales be used for?

1. Products with different weights need to be divided according to specifications.

2. It is necessary to measure, calculate and evaluate the production efficiency of the production line.

3. It can detect whether there are missing instructions, manuals and other necessary packaging parts in the product packaging.

4. Detect whether there are missing parts in the produced product to ensure the integrity of the product.

5. Adjust the filling volume through the high quality checkweigher to reduce the waste of expensive products.

6. Ensure that the product quality and net content meet the requirements of laws and regulations.


When to use checkweigher?& Checkweigher Applications


The main use and application scenarios of the dynamic check weigher can be summarized as follows:

1: Online automatic weighing test whether the net weight of the packaged product is qualified;

2: Online weighing to detect whether the packaged products such as whole package/container/bag/carton/bundle have abnormal quality such as less or more packaging;

3: Online automatic weighing detects whether there are any quality abnormalities such as leakage or overload in the packaging accessories of mixed packaging products.

4. Missing detection of accessories in the package, such as manuals, accessories, gifts, desiccants and other accessories.




The checkweigher equipment is a high speed, high-precision online check weight machine, which can be integrated with various packaging lines and conveying systems. The checkweigher should be used to check whether the product is overweight/underweight, whether there are missing parts in the package, etc., and can feed the information back to the filling or packaging equipment to ensure that the net content of the product meets the specifications and requirements. And the dynamic checkweigher can be easily integrated into the production packaging line to protect the product. Shanghai Shigan Industrial Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of checkweigher scales. Checkweigher combines the flexibility and convenience of PLC system control. It can quickly improve the checkweighing operation on the production line, improve work efficiency, and ensure high weighing accuracy. Checkweigher is accurate, avoids the occurrence of cheating by workers, has good long-term stability, and provides customers with more economical solutions. We support custom checkweighers according to your actual production requirements.