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What Are The Application Areas Of Large Range Checkweigher?

Jun 24,2022

The large range checkweigher is a kind of online check weigher with low speed and high precision. It is mainly used to check whether the product is overweight/underweight, whether there are missing parts in the package, etc., and can feed back the information to the filling or packing equipment to ensure the net content of the product meets the specification and requirements.The large range checkweigher is mainly aimed at the detection of the weight of the whole box and the whole piece between 0-50kg. The highest accuracy can reach ±20g, which is a very high accuracy.And the checkweigher can be easily integrated into the production packaging line to protect the product.Shanghai Shigan industrial Co., LTD is a professional manufacturer of checkweigher scales, we can customize the checkweigher scales according to your actual production requirements, welcome to consult!

large range checkweigher

The main application scenarios of large range checkweigher can be summarized as follows:

1: Online automatic weighing test whether the net weight of the packaging products is qualified;

2: Online weighing test whether the whole package/container/bag/box/bundle and other packaged products have abnormal quality such as less or more packaging;

3: Online automatic weighing detection of mixed packaging products packaging accessories whether there is leakage or overloading and other quality abnormalities.