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Shanghai Shigan New Year's Day Holiday Notice

Jun 27,2022

The arrival of New Year's Day means the end of the whole year in 2018, and the new year is coming in 2019.I don't know how much you have achieved for the 2018 plan, whether you are satisfied with your work  or your family.On New Year's Day, we gave a small holiday to our busy work and experienced this simple and ordinary happiness.In order to let everyone spend a happy New Year's Day, Shanghai Shigan decided to go on holiday from December 30, 2018 to January 1, 2019,Everyone can go home and reunite with relatives.

Of course, although the employees are on holiday, but the users who purchase checkweighing scales, packaging machines, etc. in our company do not have to worry about the delivery period. The checkweighers and packaging machines produced and sold by our company will guarantee the quality and quantity, and deliver on schedule!

Shanghai Shigan's Xiaobian is here to wish the new and old customers: Happy New Year!