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Push Plate Checkweigher Installation And Commissioning Service

Jun 27,2022

Checkweighers have been recognized by many manufacturers and added to the assembly line. They can increase the production line and monitor the quality, while saving labor costs and achieving the desired benefits. The checkweigher can also be customized according to the standard. Because the products produced by the manufacturer are different, the packaging is different, and the required configuration is different. Therefore, it is necessary to customize according to the production line of the enterprise and the functions to be realized. The advantages of weighing equipment.



A food factory in Shantou City, Guangdong Province has added a custom checkweigher from Shanghai Shigan. The equipment has played a very important role in the production line. The customer is producing a variety of small boxes, Shanghai Shigan custom-made their checkweighers according to the customer's production line and needs, with automatic culling function (push-type culling), with the front-end packaging machine, according to the speed of the packaging machine, let The product quickly passes the weight detection link, and there is no pressure phenomenon, and no defective products flow out.



Shanghai Shigan focuses on checkweighing scales and is committed to solving the quality problems in the packaging process on the production line. The company has large-scale production workshops and multi-field tailor-made experience, which can quickly provide customers with more advantageous checkweighers. Welcome to visit our company. Base visit to negotiate.