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Hairy Crab Online Weight Sorting Machine
Sep 13, 2018

Hairy crab online weight sorting machine

The Mid-Autumn Festival is coming, it is time to eat crabs. Hairy crabs are delicious, but they are expensive, and hairy crab dealers are starting to prepare online weight sorters. Hairy crabs vary in size and weight. Large ones have large prices, and small ones have small prices. Therefore, it is necessary to sort out various specifications according to the weight and sell different prices in order to achieve high profits. The online weight sorting machine can customize multiple sorting levels according to the user's needs. The stainless steel frame has good waterproof performance. It uses German high-precision sensors, accurate weighing and fast speed. It can directly replace manual weighing to improve production efficiency. And the consistency and reliability of weighing.

Hairy crab online weight sorting machine Picture:

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