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Automatic Checkweigher Conveyor For Bottled Medicine

Automatic checkweigher is a high speed and high accuracy weighing equipment.This series of automatic checkweigher adopts imported weighing sensor and provide bottled medicine check weighing solution.And can be perfectly embedded in the production line....


Shanghai Shigan has many years of experience and professional technicians in the manufacture of automatic checkweigher.Our goal is to manufacture a quality scale that meets your requirements.

Our automatic checkweigher conveyor for bottled medicine is specially used for automatic checkweigher of products and automatic elimination of unqualified products in the process of bottled medicine production, to ensure that the weight of each product is in line with the quality requirements of pharmaceutical industry production, industry, users, regulations and so on. It is one of the key inspection and quality control means of food production quality control at present.


Automatic checkweigher

Automatic checkweigher

Medicine checkweigher

Medicine checkweigher

Multistage weight sorting scale

Multistage weight sorting scale


Bottle checkweigher

Bottle checkweigher

Conveyor belt checkweigher

Conveyor belt checkweigher

Automatic checkweigher

Automatic checkweigher




Display division value: 0.1g

Dynamic weighing accuracy: ≤±0.2g (depending on package size and weight)

System processing efficiency: 100 PCS/min (calculated in continuous delivery mode)

Weighing conveyor line length * width: 300*220 (other optional)

Height of working table: 500mm, adjustable range ± 30mm

Applicable item length: 0-200 mm

Applicable width: 0-200 mm

Applicable item spacing: ≥250 mm

Linear speed of belt: standard 60m/min

Conveyor belt material: PVC conveyor belt

Power supply: AC220/50Hz(provided by the user to the machine side)

Air source: 0.4-0.8mpa (provided by the user to the side of the machine)

Service temperature: -10℃-40℃

Foundation conditions: horizontal solid concrete floor, concrete thickness should be more than 10cm.

Main Features

1. Automatic selection method eliminates human error

2. Chinese menu display, answering operation, clear at a glance (English menu optional)

3. The world's digital weighing unit is adopted to achieve high-speed and stable measurement

4. Conveyor easy to disassemble, easy to maintain and clean

5. The conveying system adopts frequency conversion speed regulation mode to facilitate the coordination of front and rear speeds

6. Powerful statistical data storage function, which can store 200 product data and record tens of thousands of data

7. Set up and print, count and process the contents of raw products to facilitate data analysis and data collection

8. Professional sorting scale using program and application function


Our Customers & Customized




Customized Service

The products on display may not fall short of your requirements. We have professional technicians who can communicate with you at any time to design an automatic check weigher suitable for your actual production requirements.Our goal is to strive for your satisfaction!


Automatic checkweigher production process & Service

Over the years, our company has made continuous innovation and continuous improvement of after-sales service. With the idea of customer as the core, we have been providing customers with stable and high-quality projects while adhering to the purpose of "pursuing excellence, heading for the future". Good after-sales service can make customers buy with ease and enjoy themselves.Good products in the world need to be followed up by after-sales service.In order to eliminate customers' worries about the future maintenance of the products, our company solemnly makes the following commitment on after-sales service.

I. The customer shall guarantee for free within one year from the date of acceptance, and shall be responsible for maintenance throughout his/her life.

Two, to the customer's call has the question must answer, achieves "a call to do immediately" the high quality service.

Iii. Establish a system of after-sales service personnel responsible for the customer. Each time the service is completed, the customer shall fill in the after-sales service form and have the customer sign to accept the file and keep it.

Iv. Warmly and earnestly receive visiting customers, and deal with relevant matters in a short time until customers are satisfied.

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