Hardware Weighing and Filling Machine

The hardware weighing and filling machine is specially used for weighing hardware. It adopts square structure and stainless steel material, so the machine has the characteristics of anti-corrosion and anti-pollution products. The machine is also equipped with intelligent microcomputer, which can control the number of grams of material....

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Shanghai Shigan Industrial Co.,Ltd. is a professional hardware weighing and filling machine manufacturer and exporter in China,that is concerned with design,development and production on hardware weighing and filling machine.

Multifunctional bulk packing machine for 20-3000 grams materials, use advanced technology, simple and convenient operation, through continuous upgrading of technology design, product quality performance is very stable and durable, workmanship is very fine, can be powder, granule, wolfberry, medicinal herbs, peanuts, Cereals, rice, food, food, small items, small parts so, all kinds of drying non viscous products can be packed packing. It can effectively reduce the traditional manual weighing process and improve the work efficiency.

Hardware Weighing and Filling Machine

Hardware Weighing and Filling Machine

Weighing and Filling Machine

Weighing and Filling Machine

Feature and Advantage
1, material valve:
Adjustable material valve, adjust valve according to the size of the material, It’s more suitable for dispensing all kinds of irregular particles with different size, and it is easy to adjust, simple and flexible, so that the accuracy of separation is much higher.
2, replace the outlet:
Use replaceable design for exit, equipped with a original large material outlet, medium-sized outlet, small outlet. Three different sizes of outlet, easy to replace, button can be opened, suitable for all kinds of bags, making you more convenient to filling materials.
3, double feeding way:
This machine is equipped with double feeding way, which can induce discharge, or pedal discharge. It is simple and convenient to operate. If needs induction discharge, can be induced by inserting inductive switches. Foot plugs can be achieved by foot plugs. One machine is double used.
4, control panel:
Multi-function microcomputer intelligent control panel. With fast, medium, and slow, total three speed grades, all kinds of particle powder can be selected at arbitrary speed, with fast speed, high efficiency and stable performance.





220V/50HZ, 110V/60HZ



Packing Speed

6-15bags/min(according to material)

Packing weight

20g-3000g (1-5000g adjustable)


Around 2 g( according to different material)



Machine Weight



Particulates, powdered products, rice, millet, corn, vegetable seeds, fertilizer, tea, Chinese wolfberry, dog food, fish feed, dried fruits, nuts, herbs, spices, salt, red dates, walnut, chestnut, electronic components, hardware components, plastic pieces etc..

Granules,medicinal herbs, coffee, Chinese traditional medicine, tea, seeds, food, sesame seeds, grains, Chinese wolfberry, rice, gourmet powder, salt, spices, beans, specialty, dry goods, chemical components, electronic components, hardware components, because too much our repackaging item only briefly about it.

Our company has a total of 100 people, including 10 senior technicians. Since its inception, the company has always been committed to the R&D and manufacturing of the weighing industry, and has been importing foreign advanced production equipment and technology for a long time. The company produces 1000-1200 hardware weighing and filling machine each year, with an annual sales of 8,000-90 million yuan.

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