Vertical Packing Machine

Vertical packing machines are used to package products. Granules, powders, strips, strips, spheres, liquids, pastes can be packaged in different models. The vertical packing machine can be used with the Z-type hoist and the combination scale is used on the assembly line.

The vertical packing machine has the advantages of fully automatic feeding, weighing, filling bag making, date printing, finished product output, etc. It can also be customized according to requirements.

  • Shrimp Tablet Packing Machine

    The shrimp tablet packing machine is specially designed for the shrimp slice packing, fully automatic feeding, weighing, filling, date printing.
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  • Tea Packing Machine

    The tea packing machine is used for packing tea leaves, the bag width is convenient to adjust, the motor control bag is widely adjusted, and the bag width adjustment can be realized by one button, and the bag width adjustment time is reduced.
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  • Wheat Packing Machine

    The wheat packing machine is specially designed for packing wheat. It adopts frequency conversion speed regulation, and the speed can be adjusted freely within the specified range, which is very convenient.
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  • Dumpling Packing Machine

    The dumpling packing machine is used to package frozen food such as dumplings, and can intelligently detect the integrity of the opened bag. The unqualified bag is not heated and not sealed, so as to avoid waste of materials and bags.
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  • Screw Packing Machine

    The screw packing machine is specially designed for packing screws. It is easy to operate, PLC control, speed and bag making can be customized according to requirement
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  • Ginger Candy Packing Machine

    Ginger candy packing machine is specially used to package ginger and candy. It can automatically complete the whole process of metering, bag making, filling, coding, inflation, counting and finished product output.
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