• Potato Linear Weigher

    The potato linear weigher is specially used to weigh the potatoes. It has 1 head, 2 heads and 4 heads. A variety of models are available. The weighing speed of our potato linear weigher can be set...
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  • Linear Multihead Weigher

    The linear multihead weigher refers to a linear weigher with many heads. It is different from the previous one, two heads and four heads. This is expensive in terms of price, but it has a high...
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  • Linear Combination Weighing Scale

    The linear combination weighing scale is used together with the packaging machine on the assembly line. The packaging speed and size can be adjusted, which is very convenient. Linear Combination...
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  • Vacuum Packing Machine 25kg

    This Vacuum Packing Machine 25kg is mainly used to pack raw-food materials for large packages such as Chinese date, walnut, pine nut peanut, seaweed product, etc. With high quality and a...
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  • Sugar Packing Machine 5G

    Sugar Packing Machine 5G 1KG Application: This machine is widely used to pack any loose,non-cohesive granule products of the food,phaeceutical,and chemical industries,such as soup...
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  • Silage Packing Machine 50 KG

    Silage Packing Machine 50 KG introduction: The packing unit is mainly composed of four parts, which are automatic weighing packer, conveying device, sewing device and feeding machine. It has the...
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