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Working Principle Of Linear Weigher

Jun 29,2022

In the process of weighing the linear packaging scale, it is necessary to effectively check the error of the sensor connection. The quantitative packaging scale needs to open the power of the control cabinet and start for 5 minutes. The program enters the auto start state and can be debugged. The maximum weighing of the equipment is 5kg, the value 1g, and the quantitative value 1kg.

In the process of partial load debugging, the linear packing scale is effectively put 100 grams of weights on the two load-bearing points of the weighing hopper respectively. When the weighing display displays positive difference, the output of the sensor will be reduced to the lower direction.

After the linear packaging scale enters its automatic running state, its weighing control system will automatically open the vibrating disc for feeding, and the feeding device in its equipment is set to three stages of fast, medium and slow feeding. When the weight of the material reaches the set value of fast feed, it stops quick feeding.

When the weight of the material in the linear packaging scale reaches the final set value, the vibration disc is automatically closed and the feed is stopped, thus the weighing process will be completed automatically, and the system sends out the control signal to open the weighing bucket.

The feeding methods of linear packaging scale include linear vibration disc, rotating vibrating disc, roller type and spiral type. It can be used as a single material or multiple material combination packaging system with vertical packing machine, bag type packing machine and horizontal packing machine.