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What Kind Of Vacuum Packing Machine Is Chosen

Jun 29,2022

We know that the vacuum packaging machine produced in the market is all kinds of material, which kind of material is better, different material is different? When we choose the food vacuum machine, we need to consider this aspect?

In the market, the standard food vacuum sealing machine equipment stainless steel sheet often uses the thickness of 2-4mm. If the material is thin, vacuum cracks will easily lead to welding cracks and vacuum chamber leaks easily. Generally, in the stainless steel vacuum chamber around the plane to open the sealing groove, if the manufacturer is not enough process, the flatness of the sealing groove is relatively poor, the density performance of the vacuum chamber will be reduced. All, at present, some vacuum packing machine's upper vacuum chamber is made of aluminum alloy casting, and then the sealing groove is processed. The lower vacuum chamber is made of thick stainless steel to make flat plate. When choosing a vacuum machine, if we want to pack solid, or the particles are dry and not corrosiveness, it is recommended to choose the material of aluminum alloy. However, if we want to pack the juice with the high acid content, we should choose the stainless steel. For sealing rings, silicone rubber is used, silicone rubber is more resistant to high temperature and corrosion, and has good sealing and long service life.

Transparent cover: beautiful, can see the effect of vacuum packaging, the shortcoming is that the service life is short, because the internal and external pressure difference is relatively large, the upper cover is easy to crack in the long period of fatigue.

Ordinary steel plate: the thickness of the general steel plate is about 2mm.  When working under the limit pressure for a long time, the upper cover is easy to deform. The limit pressure of the ordinary packaging machine is about 200Pa.

Thickened steel plate: the high quality vacuum packing machine generally uses 4mm cold rolled steel plate, as the vacuum packing machine vacuum chamber material, the general selection brand is the special stainless steel for the SUS304 equipment.

Therefore, if the vacuum degree is not high and the workload is not large, we can consider the vacuum packing machine with transparent cover. If the vacuum degree is higher and the output is big, it is suggested that a high quality vacuum packer should be selected, and the cost will come back for a few years.