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What Is The Working Principle Of The Vertical Packing Machine?

Jun 29,2022

The vertical packaging machine is a machine that makes the drum shaped flexible packaging material into a bag tube, and seals it after filling the material. The three functions are automatically and continuously completed. Vertical packaging machines are commonly used for packing lumps, flakes, granules and fluid and semi fluid materials. What are the working principles of vertical packaging machines?

The working principle of the vertical packing machine is as follows:

The roll film of the vertical packing machine on the supporting device is wrapped around the guide group and the tensioning device, and the photoelectric detection and control device detects the position of the trademark on the packaging material and wrapped into a film cylinder by the shaper and wrapped in the surface of the filling tube. First, the longitudinal heat seal is used to heat seal the film of the interface part of the cylinder, and the sealing tube is obtained. Then the cylindrical film is moved to the transverse heat seal to make the transverse seal, and the packing bag is formed. The metering device fills the measured goods through the upper filling pipe into the packing bag, then the transverse heat sealing device is hot sealed and cut off in the middle, forming the packing bag unit body, and forming the bottom seal of the next cylinder bag.