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What Is The Particle Quantitative Packing Scale Machine , The Answer Is Here

Jun 29,2022

The granule quantitative packaging scale can be divided into large packaging and small packaging, which is suitable for quantitative packaging of rubber granules, plastic granules, fertilizer granules, feed granules, chemical granules, grain granules, building granules and metal granule sealing granules.

1. Brief introduction of the unit: use plastic bag, manual bagging, automatic bagging, weighing, filling, bagging, sewing, and complete the semi-automatic packaging process. After the material enters the weighing hopper in the packing scale from the silo, the material enters the A weighing bucket through the A flow regulating valve. When the weighing instrument of the weighing sensor connected to the A weighing bucket sends a weight signal of 5KG or 50KG (ie After the weighing is completed, the A flow regulating valve is closed. At this time, after the receiving operator sets the bag, the touch switch next to the discharge opening of the packing scale is touched, the bag clamping device is clamped, and the material in the A weighing bucket is immediately discharged to the packaging bag. After the discharge is completed, the packaging bag is dropped onto the conveyor belt by itself, and when the packaging bag is brought to the end of the conveyor belt, the operator at the end of the conveyor belt is placed on the sewing machine to complete the sewing package. At this point, complete a work cycle, the whole process is a few seconds. The weighing sensor, instrument and solenoid valve of the unit are made of famous domestic brands (optional imported components). The whole unit has fast weighing speed, high precision, stable and reliable performance and easy installation.

2. Standard preparation: silo; LCS-50K type granule packing scale; conveyor; sewing machine;

3. Packaging materials: relatively dry, good flow of granular materials; such as rice, MSG, granular fertilizer, plastic particles, etc.;

4. Packaging process: pellets - packaging scale silo - automatic weighing - manual bagging - automatic bag - automatic weighing - automatic bag - artificial auxiliary sewing bag 5. Packaging materials: plastic woven bags, kraft paper bags; with or without film inner bag; Weighing range: 5-50KG/bag, conventional 25KG or 50KG/bag

7. Packing speed: 4--6 bags / minute;

8. Weighing accuracy: ±0.2% KG/bag;

9. Equipment material: the contact material part is 304 stainless steel; the other is carbon steel spraying; 10. Working power: 4N--AC380V, 50HZ;

11. Working gas source: 0.3--0.5Mpa, 1m3/h;

12. Unit power: 3KW;

13. Unit size: length 4300mm × width 1500mm × height 3600mm

14. Unit gross weight: 1500kg Optional equipment: belt conveyor or bucket machine; unpowered roller conveyor and heat sealing machine

Granular quantitative packaging scale Application materials: