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Type Of Vacuum Packing Machine

Jun 29,2022

There are many kinds of vacuum packaging machines, in the process of packaging, if you can not strictly according to their actual needs, choose the most suitable products to use, will seriously affect the substantial development of the enterprise. Next, let us take a look at the types of vacuum packaging machines.

1, the room type vacuum packing machine is one kind of application now. In the packing, the plastic bags containing articles are put into the vacuum chamber. After the vacuum is covered, the heat sealing device is closed and the bag is sealed. If vacuum filling is required, the gas is filled before sealing.

2. Before sealing the mouth of the bag, the mechanical extrusion vacuum packer eliminates the air in the bag from both sides of the bag, and then heat seal the mouth of the bag. This kind of mechanical vacuum pumping is simple, but the vacuum degree is low.

3. The external vacuum packing machine is inserted into the exhaust pipe from the opening of the bag, and the exhaust valve is opened, and the vacuum pump starts pumping air, and then seals. If you want to inflate, you can pump the necessary gas through the filling valve after the gas is pumped, then seal it.

4. The thermoforming vacuum packer adopts the method of thermoforming the sheet in the model. The packing container is made on the package. Then the filling, the cover, the vacuum, the inflatable, the cross cutting and the longitudinal cutting are completed until the finished product is exported.

The above is the type of vacuum packaging machine, which can be seen that the equipment required for vacuum packaging consists of two parts, vacuum packaging machine and packaging material, widely used.