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The Utility Of The Roller Scale

Jun 30,2022

With its economy and practicality, the roller scale has a place in the modern logistics sorting industry. It can sort goods continuously and in large quantities. The sorting error rate is extremely low, with stable conveying, fast conveying speed, large conveying capacity and low noise. The function is perfect, today Xiaobian is to introduce the "utility of the roller scale" for everyone, interested friends please read the following;

1, with weight warning function, can set the upper limit, standard, lower limit three paragraph weight warning, and has a set of memory functions.

2, can accumulate weight and display, the operation is simple and convenient.

3, with automatic adjustment zero and software filtering function, weighing reaction speed can also be adjusted according to the use of different environments.

4, using charging, plug-in dual-use mode for selection, to avoid power supply instability and power outages.

5, optional RELAY, RS-232 (including RTC) interface, external computer, micro printer, thermal label printer, three-color warning light.

6, widely used in production, transportation, packaging, warehouses and so on.

7, can be set to the highest accuracy of 1 / 15000.

8, with a single point correction and three-point correction function, to ensure the degree.

9, with a variety of weighing units and simple counting, percentage calculation function, a wide range of uses.

10. Stable, LCD display subtitles.


The above is the "Practicality of the roller scale". Thank you for your reading and support. If you have any information about the roller scale, you want to know and welcome you. Shanghai Shigan Industrial Co., Ltd. sincerely serves you!