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Salted Egg Yolk 5 Sorting Solution--Multi-Level Checkweigher

Jun 29,2022

Mid-Autumn Festival is coming, the production of moon cakes is in full swing. Salted egg yolk is the main ingredient of moon cakes. The production line of salted egg yolk is also running non-stop. Salted egg yolk is also big and small. If you want to make salted egg yolk according to specifications Sorting the weight, how to do it quickly and efficiently;

Salted egg yolk 5 sorting solution--multi-level checkweigher

Using manual sorting, the artificial speed is limited after all, can the production keep up, can it meet the large market demand of salted egg yolk? If you want high yield, you need a lot of labor, but a lot of artificial labor costs are a lot of overhead. , can you still guarantee the profit of the factory? It can be seen that manual sorting is not a wise choice;

Use online weighing multi-stage sorting scale, fast and efficient, can quickly weigh the weight of salted egg yolk, and automatically sort to different levels of storage box, multi-stage sorting scale can directly replace artificial weighing, Improve production efficiency and consistency and reliability of weighing.

The multi-level checkweigher sorting level can be selected according to the user's needs. It is enough to sort the salted egg yolk in 5 levels. You can use the multi-level sorting scale with confidence to ensure that the salted egg yolk will not be damaged, and the speed and precision are guaranteed. Multi-stage sorting scale is the ideal equipment for online check weighing and sorting;

Multi-level checkweigher picture: