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Multihead Weigher Operation

Jun 29,2022

The multihead weigher is already a very mature product. The performance difference of each multi-head scale is not very large. However, the accuracy of the load sensors used in the metering varies, and the weighing accuracy of each multihead weigher will have some differences.


So what if the multihead weigher is operating?

Multihead weighers basically do not need to be repaired during use, and only need to be cleaned daily. In addition, two points that food companies should pay special attention to in the process of using multihead weighers are:

First, keep the feeding continuity and stability as much as possible. Sexuality and rationality, if the supply is suddenly too little or too little, the material in the weighing hopper will be too much or too little, which will make the combination of the multi-head scale difficult or impossible to combine, thus reducing the speed and accuracy of weighing; When installing the weighing bucket, it should be as light as possible. Excessive force will damage the load cell and affect the weighing accuracy and even cannot be used.