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Maintenance And Repair Measures For The Online Checkweigher

Jun 29,2022

The online checkweigher is a high-speed and high-precision weighing device. Because the speed is high-precision and high, any external wind and grass can affect the weighing accuracy of the online checkweigher. This requires us to operate correctly when weigh. In general, we must do a good job of online checkweigher maintenance. The following small series will introduce the maintenance and repair measures of the online checkweigher to help you better use the online checkweigher.

Maintenance and repair measures for the online checkweigher:

Please perform the following checks before running the online checkweigher:

1. Check whether there is no contact between the front and rear conveyor belts.

2. Set the parameter to confirm whether the standard value, upper limit and lower limit are set correctly.

3. Measurement accuracy The same measurement product was transferred from the auxiliary conveyor belt 10 times or more, and it was confirmed whether the fluctuation was large.

4. Confirmation of the detection range Only the main product is delivered, and then the test piece is transported on the main product (the non-conforming product is transmitted when there is no test piece), and "no detection" or "detection" is confirmed respectively.

5. Eliminate the action to confirm the correct removal of normal products, overweight products, and underweight products.

After the online checkweigher is finished, clean it:

1. Clean the rubbish around the online checkweigher.

2. Clean the dirt of the entire online checkweigher.


The following checks are performed once a month:

1. Remove the conveyor belt from the online checkweigher and check if the end face is cracked.

2. The motor, roller and conveyor belt confirm that there is no abnormal sound in the running state of the conveyor belt, and the conveyor belt has no offset phenomenon.

This article is provided by Shanghai Shigan Industrial Co., Ltd., mainly introduces the maintenance and repair measures of the online checkweigher. Thank you for your support. Welcome everyone to pay attention to Shanghai Shigan, Shanghai Shigan professional production and sales of various online checkweighers, you have Any need can be done at any time.