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How To Operate The Vacuum Packaging Machine

Jun 29,2022

Vacuum packaging machine operation steps:

1.Before use, the vacuum packaging machine should be placed smoothly, check whether the cover is smooth, whether it will automatically jump after releasing the hand; equipped with the power supply that meets the requirements of the model; check whether the position of the vacuum pump vacuum surface is accurate, if it is not accurate, it should be adjusted. (See the vacuum pump for copying); ground the unit well; turn on the power, turn on the power switch, close the cover, and check if the vacuum pump is running normally.

2. Before use, we have to make the following adjustments: we have to choose the degree of vacuum. Due to the pumping time of the vacuum packaging machine, the digital display is continuously adjustable, and the pumping time of the small vacuum packaging machine is adjustable from 0 to 30 seconds. Adjust the right and wrong of the pumping time to achieve the required vacuum. Select the heating temperature, select the required heating temperature according to the material of the packaging bag, and adjust the heating temperature knob to the corresponding position. Adjust the heating time, heating time, digital display, continuously adjustable, adjust the heating time knob according to the packaging materials and heating temperature used, and choose the appropriate heating time. Select the silicone word of the sealing silicone rubber strip as needed, and set the sealing date and other characters.

3. When using it, pay attention to the matter: turn on the power switch; turn the package bead open, put the package bag into the work room, and place the seal on the silicone rubber strip. Do not overlap the bag. Press the bag to press the mouth of the bag; (or press the edge of the cover) to press the studio, close the cover, the machine will automatically complete the vacuum packaging process according to the program and automatically open the cover, the department equipment is equipped with an emergency stop switch Open the vacuum cover and pull out the package to complete a work cycle; turn off the power switch and unplug the power plug when you are not working.