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How To Achieve The Ideal Vacuum Degree Of Vacuum Packing Machine

Jun 29,2022

The main working principle of food vacuum packer is to extend the shelf life and storage effect of packaged food by vacuum pumping. Different packages also have different requirements for vacuum. Some of the goods that require strict air quality must be evacuated with a great effort of vacuum pump. But some customers reflect that the vacuum machine, which had been pumping out of vacuum, could not get the original vacuum for a period of time. What is the cause and how to deal with it?

1. the most likely reason is that the vacuum packer's pump body has not changed oil for a long time, or the long-term packaging of the goods containing water, resulting in a small amount of water into the oil to cause pollution, which leads to the vacuum pump is not working properly to reach the required vacuum.

2. the sealing property of vacuum packing machine is not good, such as the small vacuum packing equipment of single room and the outer suction vacuum machine all have the sealing strips made by the sponge. These parts are required to be checked regularly, and the problems will not reach the vacuum degree required by the packaging.

The vacuum packaging machine will meet the challenge of various actual production conditions in the process of use. It is possible that the vacuum packaging equipment bought by the manufacturer is limited by the slight change in production. This requires us to make some changes on the basis of the original equipment, and the most common thing is to adjust the number of seconds of the vacuum pumping time. . Generally speaking, vacuum machine in the factory when the vacuum time has a fixed range value, more than or can not reach this range, you need to adjust the control panel of the vacuum packaging machine, the following two methods.

The first method is to replace the original computer board control system, so the advantage is simple and convenient, only need to let the manufacturer send the computer board, but the shortcoming is that the vacuum time of the computer plate after replacement is limited. If the vacuum time is adjusted on the existing control panel, it can only be guaranteed in 0.1-9.9 seconds. Within a range; two is the vacuum packaging machine heating will be affected, when the vacuum time is too short, the vacuum chamber will save a lot of air, and the seal air bag pressure difference is too small to be completely open, resulting in the packing bag seal is not qualified. In addition, excessive oxygen in the vacuum chamber will cause the vacuum belt heating belt to easily oxidize, and the failure rate will increase.

The second way to adjust the control panel of the vacuum packing machine is to change into a full automatic vacuum machine. The advantage of this is that the full automatic computer board has a wider range of adjustable range, ranging from 0.1-99.9 seconds to a variety of vacuum requirements. The deficiency is that if the existing machines are replaced, the cost of the equipment will be increased, and as the vacuum machine is changed into a fully automatic control panel, the corresponding lines of the vacuum packaging machine need to be reconfigured, and the different specifications of the computer board also determine the difference in the shape of the vacuum packaging equipment. Area changes.